Chromatic confocal Microscopy (Various)

Here we show various application examples of our chromatic confocal measuring heads.


On the left is a photo of a BGA (Ball Grid Array) with various structural elements. The second picture shows an overview measurement over the area of 1 cm edge length and the entire height range of approx. 200 µm, measured with the RB-400.3.

The third image shows the lower region of the measurement scaled over only 4 µm, in which various structural elements become visible. The last image shows the plateau of the spheres in a range around 10 µm.


The left image shows the topographic comparison on a textured sheet (5 mm x 5 mm) between a stylus instrument and the RB-400.3 optical sensor. On the right is a profile section from the optical measurement.

Form measurement

The left image shows the topography of a nylon thread measured with the RB-1000.2 optical sensor. The top right shows a profile section from the optical measurement. The bottom right shows the profile deviation from the circular shape, from which the limiting angles of the measurement are estimated.

Thickness deviation

The left image shows the recycling logo of a plastic cup from the inside as well as the outside, measured with the RB-1000.2. The right image shows the thickness deviation of the two measurements (inside/outside) after several mathematical operations.

Coplanarity measurement

The left picture explains the scheme of coplanarity measurement on filaments. The right picture shows a profile example measured with the RB-3000.2.

Layer thickness measurement

The left image shows the spectrum of the RB-10.000.1 on a partially transparent layer system. The layer system consists of an anti-reflective coated glass (0.05% reflection), an air gap and an uncoated glass (4% reflection), as shown in the right image.